The Vestry is a group of volunteers that serves as the parish’s functional Board of Directors. Vestry members, who serve in three groups for five-year terms, provide leadership and oversight of the mission and ministry of the congregation, and manage the church buildings and property, finances, and personnel.

Membership on the Vestry is open to active participants at St. Ann’s who are baptized Christians and support the church financially. A nominating committee composed of members and leaders at St. Ann’s monitors who will rotate off the Vestry in future years and the areas of experience and expertise that will be most beneficial for Vestry service.

The committee identifies possible members and receives recommendations from parish members in order to build a pool of possible candidates. Conversations with committee members, as well as the Chaplain, Vestry members and officers, guide the creation of a slate of nominees each year. The slate is presented for election at the annual meeting each August.

Vestry Members

Roger Wood (2020)

Senior Warden

Roger and his wife, Seana, have been coming to Kennebunk since the birth of their daughter Isabelle in 2000. Their twin sons Aidan and Oliver followed 2 years later, and have been privileged to enjoy summers in Maine for their whole lives. For the rest of the year, they live in New York City on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Roger is a native of England. He graduated from University College, Oxford with a degree in Modern History. He worked in London with JP Morgan before relocating to New York in 1997. The initial 2-3 year time period anticipated for life in the Big Apple has now extended to 17 years. He became a US citizen in 2009 and is currently a partner at Moelis & Company, an independent investment bank.

Roger says he volunteers at St. Ann’s because it is a real magnet for the community and serves as a sanctuary in a world that distracts with much “busyness.”

A not well-known fact about Roger is that he has visited all 50 states.

Bill Gaynor (2020)

Junior Warden

Bill is a real estate broker who has been involved in the Maine market for over twenty years. Earlier, Bill had a 12-year career as a Deck Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine. He was stationed in Ireland, Scotland, West Africa, Mexico, Canada and the Gulf Coast before moving to Kennebunkport with his wife, Amy, and son, Colin.

Bill considers it a privilege to live in Maine and is active in community non-profits. He and Colin co-founded the “We Support Our Troops” Maine State Automobile License Plate Fund that directly benefits Maine National Guard personnel serving overseas and their families in the States. He coaches youth sports, and he and Amy are members of the Kennebunk River Club and Goose Rocks Beach Association.

Bill is motivated to volunteer for St. Ann’s because of his connection to the church – both spiritual and practical. He and Amy were married here in 1994, and when other Vestry members and the chaplain asked that he volunteer, he recognized an opportunity to demonstrate his gratitude for the church.

There is a lot to learn about Bill, including that he once moved an iceberg and paints.

Pete Murphy (2021)


Pete is a native of West Hartford, Connecticut and has come to Kennebunkport most of his life. He and his wife, Pat, met in Warren, Ohio while she was working for General Motors and he was in the newspaper business. They have two adult children who live in New York City.

Pete is a 1975 graduate of Gettysburg College, and retired from United Technologies Corp. in 2012 as the Director of Worldwide Public Relations. He is on the Board of Connecticut-based Mercy Community Health where he serves as Vice Chairman. He is a member of the Hartford Canoe Club, the Arundel Golf Club, and with his wife Pat, the Kennebunk River Club.

Pete volunteers at St. Ann’s because he believes the parish adds great depth to his spiritual journey through its community outreach, traditions, Centering Prayer group, and welcoming surroundings.

Outside St. Ann’s, Pete is an aspiring, but frequently frustrated, gardener.

Jan Beaven (2021)


Jan and her family purchased their home in Kennebunk in 1993. Today, Jan, her daughters, and their families enjoy summers and holidays here. Jan’s four grandchildren love activities on land and sea at KBIA.

Jan worked as a management consultant and led corporate change efforts within mutual funds, insurance companies and banks. Following her corporate work, Jan became a consultant to nonprofits that serve youth, including Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, Arts Learning Collaborative, and the Bessie Tartt Wilson Initiative for Children.

Youth and education are the focus of Jan’s volunteer work. She is a Board member of the Trinity Boston Foundation which serves Boston youth. Jan has also served on the Vestry and the Stewardship Committee of Trinity Church Boston.

Jan holds an M.Ed from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.B.A from Babson College.

St. Ann’s wonderful community is what motivates Jan to volunteer for the church. Volunteering helps her get to know parishioners better and allows her to serve the community more deeply.

Jan usually spends her spring months traveling to spots “off the beaten trail.” Her most recent travels include Israel, Morocco, and the Arctic Circle.

Annie Krementz Bigliani (2024)

Annie was born in Connecticut but grew up in New Orleans where her father was a distinguished surgeon and professor at Tulane University School of Medicine. Annie followed her father into medicine and, like him, became a surgical oncologist. She met her husband, Louie (an orthopedic surgeon) when they both trained at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Annie and Louie live in Englewood New Jersey and Kennebunkport. Annie retired from surgery in 1998; “I put down my scalpel and picked up clippers to jump into the world of horticulture.” She is now a Horticulture Judge and currently serves as Horticulture Chairman of the Garden Club of America.

Louie and Annie have two daughters, both of whom were married at St. Ann’s. Annie is inspired to volunteer on the Vestry because she finds real value in trying to carry out in tangible ways the spiritual inspiration she receives from attending church on Sundays.

Given Annie’s role as Horticulture Chairman, it’s no surprise that one of her favorite pursuits is propagating plants from seeds and cuttings.

James H.K. Bruner (2023)

Jamie first visited Kennebunkport in 1964 when his father, Laman Bruner, began his almost 30 year term as St. Ann’s chaplain. Jamie and his wife, Gretchen, were married at St. Ann’s more than 30 years ago, and four of their six children were baptized here.

Jamie and Gretchen spend winters in Tallahassee and Amelia Island, Florida, where Jamie practices law and writes. (His debut novel, “The Bike Cop: In the Greater Weight of Evidence,” is set in Kennebunkport.) During the summer, Jamie and his family live on the Goff Mill Brook in Arundel where they have a 300 foot zip line and an otherwise elemental existence at “The Writer’s Cramp!”

Serving as a Vestry member is the trifecta for Jamie: he loves St. Ann’s, has extensive experience in the area of church management, and enjoys a personal history with it.

Something interesting to know about Jamie is that he is not a statistic! He got caught in a hurricane while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle and made it out alive. The waves were higher than the boat’s mast and what should have been a 3 day journey turned into a harrowing 6 day adventure. Jamie credits that experience as one of several that strengthened his faith. And he still sails!

Bill Desaulnier (2022)

It was a boat trip that brought Bill to Kennebunkport for the first time in 1976. Weary of damp conditions on the boat, his mother abandoned ship and checked into the Yachtsman. The town felt like home and, before setting sail again, she and Bill’s father bought a house!

Bill was in the hospitality business, specifically sales and marketing for luxury hotels in New York City and Boston. In 1994 Bill and his late partner, Robert, purchased the house next door to the one his parents bought and, since retiring in 2007, calls Kennebunk home.

Bill enjoys hosting his 10 grand nieces and nephews along with their parents, and sailing “Wright Again,” his much-loved vessel that he enjoys both here and in Florida.

Bill has attended St. Ann’s since 1992. He considers it as close to heaven as he can be while still on earth. He volunteers because St. Ann’s is his spiritual home – uplifting in times of celebration and a refuge during times of grief.

People who get to know Bill are delighted to learn that he is a wonderful cook. He is also an avid Jeopardy fan and loves the “thrill of the hunt” in consignment shops.

Vicki Donaghy (2020)

Vicki is a born-and-bred Hoosier but she and her husband, Michael, have been full-time residents of Kennebunkport since 2001. She is a graduate of Indiana University and since 1995 has worked as the Paralegal/Office Manager for Flagg Law in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Vicki describes herself as more of a Martha than a Mary. She was Secretary at Trinity Episcopal Church in Hampton, NH, volunteered on the Flower Guild, and was a Sunday School Teacher and Altar Guild member and Directress at St. David’s Kennebunk. Outside of church, the Donaghys are members of the Kennebunk River Club, Eagle Rock Yacht Club, and Arundel Paddle Club.

St Ann’s is a special place for Vicki’s family. Michael’s parents were parishioners for 52 years, she and Michael were married at St Ann’s (in 1998) and one of their daughters was baptized at St Ann’s. Being on the Vestry allows Vicki to help preserve St. Ann’s so future generations can also experience what has been so important to her and her family.

Before beginning her paralegal career in 1984, Vicki was a paramedic in Indiana and Bronx, NY.

Linda Flint (2024)

Linda summered in Kennebunkport since 1978 before moving here with her husband full-time from Concord, MA in 2003. She has attended St. Ann’s regularly since she moved to Cape Porpoise. Linda’s daughter was married at St. Ann’s and both her grandchildren were baptized here.

Linda is a member of the Altar Guild and is delighted to also volunteer as a Vestry member. Linda finds the physical setting beautiful but it is the extraordinary spirit and dedication of its members that inspire her most.

Before moving to Maine, Linda was an avid volunteer who served on the Boards of many organizations in Massachusetts. A few of them include the New England Baptist Hospital, the Junior League of Boston, the Women’s Committee of the Retina Foundation, and the Old North Bridge Hounds.

Currently, Linda is a realtor with OceanView Properties and Principal of Kennebunkport Rentals, LLC; she gives historic tours of the Kennebunks.

Linda has always enjoyed horses, tennis, sailing, the symphony, and gardening.

Martha Griffin (2022)

Martha Griffin is a native of Maine and a forty-year resident of Kennebunkport. Martha has degrees from the University of New Hampshire, Elizabeth Pomeroy Cookery School in London, and La Varenne Culinary School in Paris. From 1978 until 2001, Martha and her late husband, Rick, owned and operated the Kennebunkport Inn, where they also raised their two daughters Lydia Hudacsko and Alexis Collins.

After selling the inn, Martha opened a kitchen store called The Cookin’ Cowgirl in Breckenridge, Colorado, and now co-owns the business, JG Totes, in Maine. Martha has served on the Boards of the Kennebunkport Historical Society, River Tree Arts, Kennebunk River Club, and the Webhannet Women’s Association.

St. Ann’s is a special place for Martha and her family. Lydia was married here and two of Martha’s granddaughters were baptized here.

Martha volunteers for St. Ann’s because of its inclusive community. She appreciates how feeling welcomed while worshiping has made a difference in her spiritual life. She hopes her volunteer efforts help continue that same spirit.

Martha is a crossword addict and supports her habit with regular purchases of new pencils.

Susie Lee (2023)

Susie is a Connecticut native and was raised a Congregationalist. She discovered the Episcopal Church during her freshman year at boarding school because she was able to take the bus to Trinity Church instead of walk to the Congregational church! One year later Susie was confirmed and her path toward St. Ann’s began.

Susie met her husband, Dan, while working for The Taft School in Watertown, CT. Susie inched closer to St. Ann’s with a move to Massachusetts and then to Maine, where Dan was School Head and Susie his right arm. Her background in special event planning and annual fund appeals was put to good use over their 30 years in boarding school leadership.

Now retired, Maine is home. Susie volunteers with the Seacoast Garden Club and the Kennebunk Police Department, particularly its Special Olympics programs. She has a special affinity for working with children and was instrumental in setting up one of the nation’s first Child Abuse Task Forces in Connecticut during the late 1960s.

Susie is a die-hard Red Sox fans with a “Sox” license plate and loves to give Peter Cheney a hard time about his devotion to the New York Yankees!

Bob Metcalf (2021)

In 1986 Bob and his wife, Judy, moved to Kennebunk from Philadelphia with their two, now grown children, Mark and Christina. Originally from Massachusetts, they chose Maine to raise their children and also to be closer to Judy’s parents who resided in Wells.

Bob received his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and runs his own Landscape Architecture and Planning firm, Mitchell & Associates, in Portland.

Bob has been a very active volunteer in the Kennebunk community for the past thirty years. He has served as a Little League coach, on numerous town committees, and is current Chair of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Update committee. Bob also serves as a Trustee for Church on the Cape, in Cape Porpoise, ME.

Bob and Judy have attended St. Ann’s regularly since 2009. He considers his volunteer efforts for St. Ann’s as the least he can do to show his appreciation for how important the church is to him.

Bob loves to snowshoe and cross country ski. He also hikes and bikes on the carriage trails in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park every chance he can.

Mark O’Connell (2023)

Mark and his wife, Lynne, are natives of Kansas City, Missouri and have come to Kennebunkport and Kennebunk every summer since 1994. Their two daughters, Caroline and Stephanie, spent many weeks of their childhoods here and continue to return each year to their home near Kennebunk Beach.
In 2017, Mark retired from a 32 year career with Multi Service Corporation, a global provider of specialized payment services. He served as President from 1999 – 2014 and then Chairman until his retirement.
Mark received a BA from Kenyon College, in Religion and Ancient Greek, and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.
A lifelong Episcopalian, Mark is eager to support St. Ann’s ministries — the spiritual offerings and the tangible ones connected to outreach.
In 2010, Mark embarked on a ‘second career’ as an owner and winemaker in the Burgundy region of France. His vineyard, Domaine Clos de la Chapelle produces 1,500 cases each year. Mark received certification as a wine maker from UC Davis after a formal 2 ½ year program. His favorite part of the wine making process is developing his vineyard’s signature style.

Debbie Walker Stapleton (2020)

Debbie graduated from the American University in Washington, D.C., with a major in communications and a minor in international relations. She has worked for the federal government, non-profits, and served on a variety of Boards; her professional and volunteer experiences have focused primarily on children and the arts.

Debbie joined her husband, Craig, in serving a diplomatic post to the Czech Republic from 2001-2003 and to France from 2005-2009. In both countries, Debbie forged close relationships and raised funds for various non-profit organizations.

Debbie currently serves on the Boards of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, the French and American Regional Museum (FRAME), and the Norton Museum in Palm Beach, FL.

Debbie volunteers at St. Ann’s because it has been such a central part of her life. Her grandfather and grandmother were generous benefactors and both her children were married at St. Ann’s. All six of Debbie’s grandchildren were baptized at St. Ann’s, and each of her parents had their memorial services at the church.

A little known fact about Debbie is that she received a fly rod for her 16th birthday and considers one of her best vacations when she and her mother, Grace Walker, fished at the Adirondack League Club.

Jamie Wilkins (2023)

Jamie is a native of Hudson, Massachusetts. He has lived and worked in his hometown his entire life, and is a Senior Commercial Lender for the local bank, Avidia Bank.

Jamie and his wife, Janice, have come to the Kennebunkport area for the past 10 years, and spend most weekends at their home in Cape Porpoise. They have two adult children who share Jamie and Janice’s enthusiasm for the natural beauty of the area.

Jamie and Janice found St. Ann’s on their travels while out walking and biking along Ocean Avenue. Initially, they visited the church grounds to enjoy the wonderful view of the spectacular sunsets. That led to worshiping at St. Ann’s, and felt so welcomed by the congregation that they then became members of the parish.

Jamie volunteers at St. Ann’s because he wants to show his gratitude for how he was welcomed as a newcomer. Serving on the Vestry allows him to give back to the community – the parish and the wider Kennebunkport area.

Outside of work and volunteering at St Ann’s, Jamie is an avid outdoorsmen. Weekends are spent getting his hands and knees dirty while gardening. That notwithstanding, Jamie has never owned and never worn a pair of dungarees!

Marcia Matthews

Chair of The Altar Guild

A native New Englander and Connecticut College graduate, Marcia was raised as a Congregationalist. She was confirmed in the Episcopal Church shortly after her marriage to Bill Matthews in 1966.

Marcia taught for 29 years at local pre-school and public elementary schools before retiring in 2005. From 2006 to 2011 she supported Bill in his role as Rector at St. Paul’s School, entertaining students, faculty, alumni, and visitors, as well as traveling for the school.

Now fully retired, Marcia and Bill summer in Kennebunkport and spend winters in Venice, Florida.

St. Ann’s is a special place for Marcia’s family. Her parents and two sons were married here and five grandchildren were baptized at St. Ann’s. Marcia’s volunteer activities are an expression of her gratitude for what St. Ann’s and its community mean to her.

Gardening, golfing, and watching old movies are some of Marcia’s favorite pastimes but none can compete with her first love: ironing!