Meet Josie!

Josie became St. Ann’s official ambassador the summer of 2015 when she walked up the aisle of the stone chapel just as the 10 o’clock service was ending. She sat before The Rev. Peter Cheney, raised her paw, and…

Josie was adopted by Peter and his wife, Kiki, in January of 2015 after she was rescued from a house with 27 other dogs. Josie and Kiki are a certified pet therapy team with Pet Partners International.

If you visit St. Ann’s you’re likely to be greeted by Josie as she walks the grounds and monitors her domain. She loves children and people but is less interested in other dogs (except to make sure they know she is Queen and they are her guests).

While Josie looks like a bichon frise, her DNA test reports she is 25% Chihuahua, 25% Pug, 25% Chinese Crested, and 25% Poodle. Peter and Kiki think she’s 100% perfect!