St. Ann’s Seaside Chapel

The Seaside Chapel occupies an awe-inspiring setting that overlooks the Gulf of Maine on the Atlantic Ocean. Although outside, it is indeed a chapel created for worship services and other church ceremonies. We ask that visitors honor the sacred nature of the space, and not climb or sit on the altar, or use it as a table for food and other personal items.

Weather permitting, we celebrate Holy Eucharist at 8 AM at the Seaside Chapel on Sunday mornings from mid-June (when St. Ann’s opens) through Labor Day. In the event of rain, the 8 AM Eucharist is celebrated inside the Stone Chapel.

After Labor Day through the final Sunday in September (when St. Ann’s closes for the season) there is a single service of Holy Eucharist at 9:30 AM inside the Stone Chapel.

A wedding at the Seaside Chapel (photo by Molly Rodman, Jenny Nourse Photography)

How it all began

The chapel was constructed in 1974 in memory of Margaret Woodbury Strong of Rochester, NY and Kennebunk, ME. It was designed by architect, James Sidord, of Albany, NY and Boothbay Harbor, ME. The outdoor cross was presented to St. Ann’s Church by the chaplain at the time and his wife, The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Laman H. Bruner.

The benches have been gifted by various friends and families of St. Ann’s; their names are noted on brass plaques affixed to the ends of the benches. If you would like information about purchasing a plaque, please email Kiki Cheney.