St. Ann's Weddings


Sunday Sevices

Special Services

St. Ann’s celebrates a sacramental life that includes Holy Baptism and Holy Matrimony as well as memorial services, by arrangement through the Chaplain.  Please contact the Chaplain directly to inquire about special services.

The Rev. Dr. Peter Cheney    
Summer:    (207) 967-8043 /
Winter:      (917) 676-4568 /  

Both the quaint historic stone chapel and the outdoor chapel overlooking the Gulf of Maine provide picture-perfect settings for the celebration of Holy Matrimony.  Weddings at St. Ann’s are conducted throughout the summer and during the month of September for members as well as non-members of the St. Ann’s community.

We welcome God’s children into the Christian community through the sacrament of Holy Baptism.  Baptisms are celebrated at both the indoor and outdoor services, as well as at family services throughout the summer, by arrangement through the Chaplain.

Memorial Services
Christian Burial and Memorial Services are conducted throughout the summer by arrangement through the Chaplain.  In 2012, St. Ann’s completed construction of a Columbarium and Reflection Garden designed for sacred interment of ashes. Located close to the Chapel and next to the sea, the secluded location will includes a columbarium for the interment of ash remains in niches and a garden where memorials to the deceased can be inscribed or placed. This is a wonderful addition to the St. Ann's community. .