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Treasurers' Report
Michael Donaghy, Treasurer

St. Ann’s operates with a balanced budget, thanks to the diligence of the Vestry and an increase over the past few years in both pledge commitments and discrete, gifts for a specific project or simply “to the Glory of God.” Our goal in 2013 is to meet and improve on this growth and stabilization.

More importantly, our financial stability is a gauge of the vitality of the St. Ann’s community as we grow in fellowship and live the Gospels. Obviously, our budget will only stay balanced if the Vestry’s income projections hold and we do not experience any unforeseen expenses. This is where you, a faithful and generous member or friend of St. Ann’s, have an opportunity to make a difference. As we approach what hopefully will be a warm, sunny summer, you will receive your annual pledge letter and envelope. Please keep St. Ann’s in your thoughts and prayers, and consider how you can support this vibrant community through your pledge and volunteering during the summer. We are privileged to have you in our midst and thank you for your gifts.

Investment Report
Gerard Haviland

In 2012, after a careful evaluation of our portfolio management activities, the Vestry Investment Committee determined that it should initiate a search for a replacement firm to manage Saint Ann’s investable assets. After a careful search and significant due diligence, the committee elected to retain the services of F.L. Putnam Investment Management Company. Putnam is a highly accomplished investment management firm with significant expertise in managing assets for eleemosynary institutions such as Saint Ann’s. Putnam is a New England firm, with offices in Portland, ME and Wellesley, MA, with assets under management in excess of one billion dollars. Our Putnam portfolio manager is Robertson Breed, CFA.

An Investment Policy Statement was written by the Committee to provide Putnam with the specific and customized guidance needed to properly manage our funds. Any parishioner of Saint Ann’s who wishes to review these guidelines may request a copy from the parish administrator, Lisa Bither.

The investable assets were transferred from the former manager during the spring of 2012 and were held in custody by Charles Schwab. Putnam began its full management in late June 2012. In February, the Investment Committee met with our Putnam manager to conduct a full review of Putnam’s work and performance. We are fully satisfied with the work to date and we will continue to carefully monitor the St. Ann’s account and its management. Members of the Investment Committee are David Winstanley, Michael Donaghy, Mark Lamarre and its chairman, Gerard O. Haviland.


2015 Calendar

June 2015
  • SUN 28 Lemonade on the Lawn: 9 am – 10 am
July 2015
  • SAT 4 Fourth of July Service, with singing and cannon
  • SUN 19 Lemonade on the Lawn: 9 am – 10 am
  • SUN 19 Fellowship Outing
August 2015
  • SUN 16 Annual Meeting
  • SUN 23 Lemonade on the Lawn: 9 am – 10 am
September  2015
  • SUN 6 Last Outdoor Chapel Service: 8:00 am
  • SUN 20 Coffee at the Rectory 9:30 am


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