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St. Ann's Kennebunkport Maine

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St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, PO Box 44, Kennebunkport, ME 04046
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Please KiKi Cheney, wedding coordinator & parish secretary, directly to inquire about special services including Holy Matrimony, Holy Baptism, and Memorial Services.

Summer: (207) 967-8043 /
Winter: (520) 704-2010 /

Rectory Office (207) 967-8043, mid-June through September

Parish Administrator, Lisa Bither (207) 985-4799

The Rev. Dr. Peter Cheney, formerly the Director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools in New York City,began his ministry at St. Ann’s in 2002.  Peter was greatly inspired by his ancestor, 19th century abolitionist Frederick W. Gunn whose spirit of inclusiveness, open inquiry and concern for the freedom and welfare of others shaped his own sense of vocation as a servant leader.  Throughout his career, he has been active in education and leadership development with students and faculty whether as a chaplain in Pennsylvania or Tucson, AZ or as Chaplain, Counselor and Director of Admissions at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH.  A graduate of Transylvania University and Virginia Theological Seminary, Cheney has had extensive training and experience as a clinical counselor, with particular emphasis on the adolescent journey, and as a consultant in mediation and conflict resolution.  (917) 676-4568 /


Lisa Bither, Parish Administrator
(207) 985-4799 /

Richard Grant, Organist
Bill Roach, Sexton
Reggie Sargent, Groundskeeper

Senior Warden:  William Matthews, Venice, FL
Junior Warden:  Gavin Hadden, Kennebunk, ME
Clerk:  Cynthia Daley, Kennebunkport, ME
Treasurer:  Roger Wood, New York City, NY

Joyce Camp, Kennebunkport, ME
Robin Ellis, Brookline, MA
Victoria Donaghy, Kennebunkport, ME
Delta Fuller, Kennebunk, ME
Gavin Hadden, Kennebunk, ME
Betsy Heminway, Hobe Sound, FL
Bonnie Himmelman, Chevy Chase, MD
Mark Lamarre, Charlotte, NC
Katie Maiuccoro, Albany, NY
William Matthews, Kennebunkport, ME
Jim McWilliams, Shrewsbury, MA
Rob Snow, Bethesda, MD
Dorothy (Debbie) Walker Stapleton, Greenwich, CT
Nancy Thalmann, Drakes Island, ME
Roger Wood, New York, NY