Columbarium and Reflection Garden

When my wife and I began talking about a final resting place, what seemed most important was to have a beautiful
place where the family could come to remember earlier generations if they choose and to reflect on their own lives.
For us, this place is Kennebunkport and St. Ann's. Summer residents since 1978, our children spent summers here and
now visit us with their own families.

During the last year, I have talked with each of them about the proposed columbarium / reflection garden. Each felt
that they would be more likely to return to Kennebunkport than any of the other places we have lived. I offer this
personal story because I know there are others with similar stories who feel the same way about our community.

John Harris
Member of St. Ann's Church

Columbarium and Reflection Garden

In our increasingly busy world, St. Ann’s and Kennebunkport have become an anchor in the lives of many families. Not only are
the beautiful grounds an inviting place for reflection and meditation, but St. Ann’s is a gathering place for family celebrations
of life – baptisms, weddings, and memorial services. The Vestry Council recognized that a columbarium and reflection garden
would provide a place where family could come to remember earlier generations.

The term columbarium is derived from the Latin columba, meaning dove. Columbaria have been in use since ancient Roman
times though they fell out of favor among early Christian communities. Since the late 19th century, their use has increased
greatly, particularly in developed societies because it conserves land previously dedicated to cemeteries. The columbarium
provides a final resting place where the cremains, or ashes, of the deceased can be interred, or stored in marked niches.

The Site and Design

The St. Ann's columbarium and reflection garden is located behind the chapel, accessed through an arch in the rear wall
of the church garden adjacent to the Rectory. Great care has been taken to ensure that both the design and construction are
consistent with the historic architecture of the church and blend naturally with the large trees on the site as seen in the artist’s
rendition above.

The low wall bordering the church garden was built up to include approximately 200 niches. Each niche has the capacity
to hold two urns, each of which may hold the cremains of one person. The arch leading up to the site and in
the top of the wall containing the niches, and the stonework match that of the church.

The reflection garden was incorporated as part of the columbarium plan and extends from behind the church towards the
rocky shore, overlooking the ocean to the east.

Purchasing a Niche

St. Ann’s offers the opportunity to members of the church and the greater St. Ann’s community to purchase niches in the Columbarium. These sales made possible the construction and provide a basis for funding the ongoing perpetual care and maintenance of both the columbarium and reflection garden so that they may be enjoyed for generations to come.

if you would like to learn more about purchasing one or more niches.